Your Unique!
Get A YOURNAME.COM  And An E-mail Address As Unique As You Are.


What do I Get for $49.99 yr.
You get your own personalize registered domain name or

You get your own personalize e-mail or

You get your own personalize card web page which you can upgrade at anytime to a full blown website which you can manage yourself or we will do it for you.


Upgrade from Business Card Site

Disk Space :

50 MB

100 MB 200 MB

Monthly Data Transfer :

1000 Meg 1000 Meg 1000 Meg
SSL: Yes Yes Yes
mySQL: Free Free Free
Content Restrictions : Yes Yes Yes
Setup Fee : Free Free Free
Fee : $99.00/yr $19.95/mo $29.95/mo

NOTE:  All Prices are in Canadian Funds


Don't Have Time? 
We can start you with a 5 page website as low as
ONLY $9.99 mo.
and we will take care of everything,
we will do it all for you.
Registrations, Hosting, Site Design, Updates, etc.
 Call: D.S.Dufour 519-736-2741
or E-mail Us



Note: $9.99 mo. sites are billed quarterly (VISA Only)

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