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Amherstburg, Ont, Town, pop 10 245 (1996c), 8921 (1991c), 8413 (1986c), area 11.26 km2, inc 1878, located on Detroit River near Lake Erie. First settled 1784, it became the new base for the British after they evacuated Detroit. In 1796, Fort Malden was established, and LOYALIST refugees laid out a town site.

General BROCK used the fort as a base to capture Detroit (1812), but it was under American occupation 1813-15. In 1837-38 Amherstburg was attacked 4 times by Rebel supporters of William Lyon MACKENZIE and was bombarded by the schooner Anne, which later ran aground and was captured. The British garrison remained until 1851.

Calvary Community Church
We are committed to being a community of people that cares for others, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people."

This will be a place to collect and share interesting topics
deepen our understanding of God's Word, reveal inner thoughts
be creative, give people a voice, share a message, ask a question
and connect with one another.


Custom Doors and Drawers

Custom Doors and Drawers, Inc. through its employees brings to you over 40 years of experience in woodworking and door manufacturing and design.

Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with a superior quality product, combined with excellent service and a large selection of products from which to choose.

Our mission is to present scripture in videos, inspirational photos and E-cards in a more entertaining way, not that Gods word needs entertainment to be affective, but to encourage people to read it for themselves. By presenting scripture in video we can add depth and entertainment, we can free scriptures from the confining pages of the bible and still deliver the message. This will make people think and ultimately touch their hearts. With photos of Gods beautiful creation and messages from Gods Word, a Spiritual flame may awaken their desire to know God and know Jesus more personally.
Highbury Medical Clinic

At Highbury Medical Clinic our patients are Number One.

We are part of a successful and growing organization that allows each and every one of us to contribute to success by striving for excellence in everything we do.

PHOTO finish

Photo finish is a site where you can order win photos on-line at
Windsor Raceway
Julianoe Stephan
To our Future Valued Customer,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Juliano Estephan and I am a Representative with Deerbrook Realty Inc. Windsor. I granted my real estate license from the Ontario Real Estate Association, I also am an employee at Daimler Chrysler and a member of local 444 for the past six years. I am a willing and eager individual, and I will strive to commit all the resources at my disposal in order to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable.
Norm Mickle, Broker of Record

I am very proud to be the Sales Manager of this dynamic establishment! I consider myself as the captain of this very successful "TEAM" of professional realtors.

To be associated with this "TEAM" of professional sales people is an honour and a real pleasure. Every year they make me proud by establishing new goals and attaining them. Again this past year, they have set new records.
Salvatore Criscenzo
Life is not so much “journey” as “process”. I prefer to think of life as process because journey entails the moral concept of “progress”, and as most of us have learned, while it is impossible to progress through life, it is entirely natural to proceed through life, from seed to seedling, from seedling to plant, from plant to flower and then from flower back to seed, a never ending and sequential process in which the seedling is hidden in the seed and the flower is hidden in the seedling, and the seed is, in turn, hidden in the flower.